Of all the forms I work in, documentaries offer me the greatest creative freedom. Working with small crews and being able to explore some of the most fascinating corners of the world, our team enlightens and entertains audiences with the unexpected perspectives of the films’ subjects. These projects are a direct result of the pursuit of my own curiosity, a quest that’s driven me since my first days in filmmaking.

Web TV

While continuing to produce content for traditional broadcasters and cable outlets, Web platforms offer unlimited opportunities to experiment with content and style. This is where the rule books are still being written, and presenting projects who’s audience response can be immediate and quantifiable presents a variety of ways to test ideas, talent and viewer receptiveness.


Whether they’re on TV, the Web, theater screens or on your phone, moving pictures with sound are the best way to introduce and reinforce your brand’s identity and promise. From big-budget mini-epic to making the most of a local organizations limited resources, showing and telling potential customers what you’re about is still one of the most effective sales techniques ever invented.


When we’re not inventing our own projects, we enjoy collaborating with other creative producers and agencies to bring our experience and expertise to the job at hand. Sharing our different visions to build joint efforts usually results in an end result greater than the sum of two parts. That, and we always learn a lot by listening to new viewpoints.

If You Have a Moving Story